Site Fabrication

Welding and On Site Fabrication

All types of welding can be undertaken in our workshops or on site. 

These include: Arc, Tig, Mig etc. The materials we use include stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel.All types of site fabrication can be undertaken.The following examples display just some of the projects we have completed.


We supplied and constructed all of the structural steelwork for this building. Including cold rolled sheeting rails and purlins, ready for the cladding contractor. We also constructed and supplied the internal stainless steel staircase, please see the Internal Staircase section. 
This picture displays the structure built and erected by us

And to the right is the finished building as it stands today.


Taywest Control Systems - St. Augustine's Business Park, Whitstable


This is an example of a small industrial unit which had a particularly different shaped roof. 

Using fabrication drawing with alpha steel these jobs are no problem.

The pictures on the right displays the roof which was required for this building, all constructed and erected by us. 

The cladding was also provided as part of the service to produce the completed building seen here.